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Is Your Diamond Chipped?

It happens. Diamonds can chip. Although they are the hardest stone on earth vs other stones, man made objects can still chip a diamond. But don't fret! If your diamond is chipped, there could be a solution.

Read this week's blog and find out what can be done.

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The La Mine d'Or Family

When Your Ring Doesn't Fit Properly...

Last week we spoke about tips and tricks on how to get your rings off if they're stuck or no longer fit. This week we talk about what options there are when your rings no longer fit properly...particularly when you have swollen knuckles.

This information is particularly useful if you're no longer able to comfortably wear your rings anymore. In this Blog Post, we discuss several solutions to this issue.

Thank You! This is a true compliment...


For years, I have followed my father into La Mine D’Or watching him pick out things for my mother. I had always been in awe of the selection, service and ambiance of the store.  My father insisted on how important it was to deal with a locally owned and operated business where you could speak to the owner and be certain to get the service you needed. As time went on and I started to have money of my own, I visited the store for those special occasions: Birthdays, Valentines Day,  etc. 

When it came time to ask the love of my life to marry me: there was no question where I would go! I was only going to do this once and wanted to design a custom ring that would match my Fiancé’s taste and sensibilities. From the owner, to the designer, to the sales staff, everyone in the store appeared to be engaged in the process. My expectations where high and my needs unique: I was looking for an oval diamond on a delicate rose gold band that would have a little bit of a vintage look -not something that an every day Jewelry store could offer. The design team knew exactly what I wanted, even if I did not know how to bring it to life! They used my pictures and ideas to create a ring that we could be proud of. I owe the team many thanks for making this a perfect experience. 

In years to come, as I tell the story to our children about how I proposed to their mother, the design of this ring will play a huge part in the story!

Thank you to everyone at La Mine D’Or.


T.S. - Moncton, NB

 How to Remove Rings that Don't Fit

Some of us wear our rings for years without removing them. Unfortunately, (but sometimes fortunately) our bodies change but our rings don't. Some of us develop swoolen joints and are unable to remove our rings. Many choose to ignore this (sometimes for decades), but it can be dangerous.

The following blog post gives you tips and tricks on how to remove your rings safely.


Custom Design your Engagement Ring!

Blog: Custom Design your Engagement Ring

We see it more and more, people see a picture of a ring (or any piece of jewellery) they love and that's "the one". But where do you find it? Many people don't realize that with today's technology, anything can be made.

Read this Blog post and find out how to make her dream ring come to reality.

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